*** The Dewain Wood Experiential Education Foundation has merged with the Golden High School Alumni Foundation. ***

Dear Senior Sem Alumnus:

We have an institution that will extend the energy and commitment that Woody put into making your second semester senior year at GHS so significant. We need you to take the challenge and "deal with it" as Woody so often said to you. Woody has retired (after donating two 15 passenger vans to the program). Bob Hayes is currently heading up the efforts to keep Senior Seminar and the Raft Trips alive at GHS. Many teachers are interested in working with the program but it needs institutional help. Here is what you can do.

  1. You can make a tax deductible contribution of $10 (or more if you have the resources) to the Foundation. This will provide funds for leadership and equipment in the coming years. Sending your contact information will also make it possible for you to hear about other opportunities to support experiential education at Golden High School. These will include making your voice heard to the GHS and R-1 administration about issues such as the hiring of teachers who have training and commitment in experiential education, or further development of experiential components in the GHS curriculum.
  2. Indicate your willingness to serve on the Golden High School Alumni Foundation board of directors as the Experiential Education Chair, or otherwise contribute your talent to supporting experiential education. Such talents include grant writing, helping with leadership including the driving involved in trips, adding your continuing experience to the program by being a speaker or leader.
  3. Spread the word to other Seminar or Raft Trip graduates that you are in contact with and enlist their support. We welcome contributions at any level so that the most recent graduates and others of small means can participate but if you know of someone who has hit the Lottery or followed Mr. Hayes' investment advice urge them to contribute at a higher level.
Make checks payable to the Golden High School Alumni Foundation and note Experiential Education. This is a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.

Thanks for your support,
Bob Kinsey

P.S. If you want to continue your growth in Philosophy read Sophia's World by Jostein Gaardner, or watch the video entitled, MindWalk to be found at esoteric video stores everywhere.

Golden High School Alumni Foundation

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